First Home Buyers

Where to start?

As a First Home Buyer it is important to maximise any benefits that can be gained from government assistance incentive packages that may be available from time to time.

Currently as we write, there are a number of incentives available to assist you. You can check on all available offers at Office of State Revenue, just Click Here Office of State Revenue

The best advice we can give you is to “get into the property market”. It has been proven time and time again that you simply can not save up for a deposit on your first home fast enough to keep up with property prices.

What you need to know

The property market is “Cyclical”, that means that prices will ebb and flow, rise and plateau over a 7 to 11 year cycle. When you have decided to “Get In” to the property market you will need to consider these factors;

Your initial deposit, how much will it be? Normally you will need a 20% deposit, otherwise you will be subjected to an extra cost and that is called Mortgage Insurance.

Mortgage Insurance is a penalty insurance inflicted upon you because if you can not provide a 20% deposit for you purchase the banks consider that you pose a greater risk of defaulting on your loan. Therefore, mortgage insurance is your only option and it is there only to protect the banks, but you have to pay for it.

At This point in Time there are still many lenders that will lend up to 98% inclusive of the lenders’ Mortgage insurance fee

There is still some undervaluing  going on with some lenders though depending on the pockets and the state

What we can do for you

At Unito Property we specialise in providing reputable Finance Brokers to assist you in successfully securing the most appropriate loan to suit your needs, whether you are a first home buyer or a novice or seasoned investor, Unito Property can co ordinate all your purchasing needs through our network of professionally trained customer care consultants.

We at Unito Property can provide to you FREE of charge, a “Guide to purchasing your first Home”. Simply fill in your details below and a copy of the guide will be sent to you immediately.

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